JEMS Editorial Board member Kathy West is telling Fire-Rescue Med attendees the facts about OSHA updates and infection control. For example, did you know healthcare workers are to receive a one-time only booster of Tdap? Some attendees have been sold extra boosters. West explains the idea of "immunologic memory." Often times there's no need for a booster. Make sure you know what you need so you don't waste money for needless boosters.

West offers a helpful search to check out the facts. At, search for vaccine immunization recommendations. You should find a 72-page document  about recommendations of
healthcare personnel that will help you.

Finally another pearl of wisdom: West tells of a new rapid testing for Hep C that is $29.95 and takes only 20 minutes. The best news is that this test, which is 99.8% accurate, can be done in the emergency department. You don't need an approved lab.

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Kathy West is a facinating and incredibly intellegent woman.  I attended one of her classes about two years ago and learned so much about the realm of infection control.  I highly suggest her classes for anyone who wishes to learn more about infection control. Give her an A+++

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