Like Fire, EMS has many various national organizations, but which one should be the main body to represent the majority?


Why do you believe so and what would change or need to change for this to occur?

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The concept that there would be a central "voice" for EMS would require an organization that has the will and capabilities to interact with the entire workforce. This would include the ability for its members to determine priorities and to vote for leadership. Is there an organization that currently meets those requirements. In my opinion the answer is no.
There is a organization that boldly and falsely claims to represent "the professional interests of all EMTs and Paramedics." Is there a mechanism for all EMTs and Paramedics to have their views heard and the ability to determine the elected leadership of this group. Again the answer is no. Certainly the privilege of speaking on behalf of EMS in its entirety would require a legitimate entity with the support of the majority of the membership of the entire community.
The concept that unelected State officials should deal exclusively and directly with the Federal government is also not a viable option. The basic ideals of state level authority is grounded in the autonomy of the individual States. Uniting that autonomy then becomes a "united states" in potential conflict with the United States. The concept is in defiance of the separation of enumerated authorities under the Constitution. Individual States have the authority to act on their behalf within their individual boundaries but not to infringe of the authorities of the Federal in areas in which the Federal has clear authority. It is also not clear how an unelected State official would be allowed to wield the "collective" strength of the "united states" of EMS in legislative issues. Getting a job with a State EMS agency does not convey additional rights or authority to an individual other than those afforded to every other citizen in this nation. The potential world that one would create in this scenario would be one in which the potential for the collective voice of the EMS community to ever be heard would essentially be eliminated. Ultimate power would be held by unelected government.
There should never be a single predetermined voice for EMS. Dictatorial leadership has been viewed throughout history as a bad form of government. Would anyone consider a nation in which the Democratic or Republican parties were individually and exclusively predetermined to be the "voice" of the American people. Would anyone consider that an unelected State official from Texas or Rhode Island be the voice of citizens in Iowa or Vermont?
What is needed for a voice for EMS is for a dose of reality to be required before sitting down at the table. Does your organization represent the majority of the EMS community? If the answer is no then you represent the members of your organization and not the entire community. Once that hurdle gets cleared the community can move forward without the never ending "don't you know who I think I am" preamble to every conversation.
The issue that presents here is not restricted to the mouths delivering messages. In all matters, the size of the Federal government can produce difficulties in identifying the proper ears to receive the messages coming out of those mouths . The real challenge for EMS is hardly as challenging as some would have you believe. We don't need sweeping legislative change, in the form of a highly unlikely wide ranging spending bill, to deliver a message to an identified focal point within the Federal government. The statutory requirement for this focal point already exists and has for quite some time. We need to insist that the Federal government adhere to its existing responsibilities. In the absence of a focal point the various federal agencies will continue to adhere to the "Id like to help but.." excuse.
Effective messages can and have been delivered to the highest levels of government on behalf of the EMS community. These messages are not delivered in the usual "paralysis by analysis" pipeline, but rather through the direct path to the focal point for State and local EMS.
What is needed to reach an ongoing effective approach is basic training for leadership in the area of civics. Stop complaining to the guy in charge of paying Medicare transport bills that you need preparedness funding. Stop complaining to the preparedness guys that the CMS fee schedule needs improvement. These types of conversational journeys into a world that doesn't exist, directed at folks who have no mandate or authority to act upon the complaint is a waste of time and frankly make us all look dumber than a 5th grader.
Focus is needed. I sat through a full day of somewhat productive discussions with leading Federal officials regarding true EMS issues only to have the entire discussion get confused over a filibuster type diatribe regarding global warming. Bear in mind that the guy in charge of changing the weather on a Federal level was not in the room. Discussions on national EMS issues are plagued by a chronic lack of focus by EMS "leaders." Focus is needed.
The constantly highlighted personality disorders of some EMS leaders needs to be resolved. When every discussion regarding EMS ends with the question "who really is EMS", uttered by an EMS "leader", it tends to defeat any progress that is made. Those listening tend to leave the room laughing that we don't know who we are. If you don't really know who or what you are perhaps you shouldn't identify yourself as an EMS leader. Perhaps the National Association of Philosophical Confusion would be a better organization to speak on behalf of. I have yet to hear successful organizations on the Federal playing field ever begin or end with the notion that they don't even know who they are. We should learn from our mistakes rather than embrace them as tradition.
Who should speak on behalf of EMS on a national level? The President of the United States. The long list of them has a decent track record as the Commander in Chief.

May be it should be The International Paramedic Organization that will be a part of WHO at UN

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