Just curious about the experience of folks around here. I'm interested, on at least an academic level anyway, about non-traditional emt/medic jobs anyone might have had or been exposed to that include other than municipal service or private ambulance.

Not as a bashing thing--just to see what the diversity looks like out there.

I, myself, worked in a casino/resort in Las Vegas for 8+ years and never saw the inside of am aid care. I also worked on a wildland fire crew as a team "medic" but mostly I didn't do anything but bust out fire line. Did ride in a helicopter a lot, though.

Also my emt-b instructor's job was in a gold mine.

The point being is that I realize there must be all these pocket universities operating out there and I was just hoping the wide range of experience here would share.

Thanks, guys!

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Prison health care, amusement park / stadium etc first aid, teaching paramedics and EMTs, hospital ER tech, "house paramedic" positions in hospitals(IV starts, intubations, other appropriate procedures, respond to codes and rapid responses), helicopter and fixed wing transports, interfacility transport teams, insurance company physicals.

Worked as a hospital corpsman in the Navy serving with the fleet, Marines, and on shore. Work in ER and CCU, volunteered as medical support for boy scouts during summer camp and Jamboree.

ER, walk in centres, minor injury units, rapid response car units, search and rescue (sea and rotor), community physician practice, remote area medicine, hostile area medicine (both in global areas), offshore medic, university, research in university and department of health, out-of-hour doctors role.

I think that's it - I don't see boundaries anymore - I just see opportunities. 

Just starting contracts in Urgent Care Centres in London. Scary and exciting.


A few more are ski slopes, set medics (movies), and event medics (sports, games, parties ect..). 

Right now there are so many avenues to go down as an experienced paramedic or EMT if you're looking for non-traditional roles besides the typical oil platform job or the austere paramedic job in the middle east. I have seen an influx of positions in the construction field for large projects in Texas, CA, and in NYC. In addition, anesthesia tech positions at major teaching hospitals  in FL, CA, and MA are being filled by paramedics. Nuclear cardiac stress testing programs across the US (Digirad) utilize paramedics as their core personnel. I am currently working full time as a QRV paramedic but on my off days I provide care as an Ocean Rescue lifeguard paramedic and I also work for the Discovery Channel as a medical coordinator/Dive Rescue paramedic for their more high risk Shark Week productions.

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