3 weeks left in my basic course and I'll be eligible to sit for state/national test. All is going well.

Except where I'm at currently the rotation for the testing is much later than the finish of the class. More toward the month of Feb, and perhaps a toward the late middle of the month.

The same school I'm getting my basic through is going to offer an A/I EMT course for winter term. A primary pre-req being...state license as a basic. Because of the apperent schedule conflict it seems very likely that I won't be able to go to the I class because, even having finished my basic, I won't have state for the state test.

Is anyone around who has a head's up about basic testing taking place in the state before that proposed Feb class I'm aware of. The tighter my national test is to my class ending the better anyway, and it could literally mean the difference of an entire year for my getting into the localized EMT-I/A course (if they even run the program 2 years in a row--which they've often not done.)

Any navigational guidence, beaurocratic tricks or administrative magic you guys might know would be greatly appreciated.

  • Much thanks, and sorry about the typos, writing fast this morning before I run

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Try writing a letter to the state EMS office, asking for a waiver of the requirement.  Of course, if you don't pass the test, that will present other questions.

Thank you--I will do just exactly that this morning, I appreciate the help.

I was also thinking maybe I could audit the class until I get my test taken then see what could "unfold" from there.

But I'm writing a letter as suggested, Chief.

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