I'm seeking help with a project and am hoping to get some help from those on this community.

Specifically, I am trying to research funding allocation for EMS terrorism preparedness in the United States.     Is there any data available for the proportional allocation of funds in the 50 states?    Is there a specific fund source that EMS agencies, urban, suburban, and rural, can access to train their staff?  Is there a standard cadre of programs that agencies go to for training in terrorism related events?

Thank you in advance!

Jordan Barnett, MD

Please email responses as well to jordbarnet@verizon.net

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Morning Dr. Barnett. Most of the data you are looking for will probably be available upon request at the state department. For example, here in California I would contact the EMSA.

Now I am no expert but I am an Emergency Management Specialist for the Military Department in California. I know that most of our funding comes from FEMA, or rather federal entities. This money is given to us upon request but will be audited after about 6 months. Anything that isnt properly documented will have to be giving the money back.

As far as training in my area, everything is done either directly through the company. For example ICS is drilled monthly with Hall Ambulance in Bakersfield, Ca. Or it is done through volunteer organizations such as CERT. The information you are looking for will probably be best to obtain from each individual states EMS Department and then FEMA itself.

Hope that helps!

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