NBC has announced that its Fall schedule includes a new show about San Francisco EMS called "Trauma"

Check out the show's preview here:

Based on what you see so far, do you think this will help or hurt the image of EMS? Do you think it will be the next Emergency or ER? What would you do on a show about EMS pros?

Stay tuned to JEMS throughout the upcoming TV season to get the latest updates on how the show is doing, and make JEMS Connect your place to discuss it.

About 'Trauma' from NBC.com/trauma

Like an adrenaline shot to the heart, Trauma is an intense, action-packed look at one of the most dangerous medical professions in the world: first responder paramedics. When emergencies occur, the trauma team from San Francisco General is first on the scene, traveling by land, by sea or by air to reach their victims in time. From the heights of the Transamerica Pyramid to the depths of the S.F. Bay, our heroes must face the most extreme conditions to save lives, and give meaning to their own existence in the process.

From executive producer Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights), Trauma is the first high-octane medical franchise to live exclusively in the field, where the real action is.

Behind the Scenes Video

Preview Scenes Video

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LOL - Thank God for 234 channles on Sattelite and Netflix - I'll have something else to watch when this is on.
I am going to hazard a guess that there is no LOLFDGB calls depicted
I love the concept but really, could we not get just a little more realistic
I wish my EMS life was that jacked, but then again I have never worked in a major centre like SF
I did a shift in Dallas once - still not near as jacked. But maybe it will gain us some respect and help prevent people from taking swings at us, shooting at us, spitting on us and the best of all, VOMITING on your shoes after a night of heavy drinking and fighting. I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!
Well It is a fast paced view of EMS but going out and holding the hands of the taxi ride that makes up most of EMS calls would make for a very boring series
Another Hollywood drama without much realism to true EMS. The young EMS folks may like it and this does not suprise me. Today people want the excitement and drama without the real work it takes to make EMS successful.
this has potential I would like to see more of the personal side with some of those hand holding calls. The major scenes of course will get the viewers but if they want the realism they need to pepper the episodes with the hand holding and the personal side of EMS
looks amazing, sure it's not a realistic portrayal of EMS, but who wants to watch a show about picking up elderly people off the ground 7 times a day? They have to make it appealing to the lay public
Peter Putnam said:
Well It is a fast paced view of EMS but going out and holding the hands of the taxi ride that makes up most of EMS calls would make for a very boring series

I have to agree with you. This show reminds me of Rescue 77. Short lived. There will never be another " Emergency".

James Quagliano said:
To answer your question based on what I saw..... what a joke.
its a joke and it does no justice to EMS/FF.... nice try NBC, but how bout you do something realistic...
Watching this preview it sounded like the female paramedic's name was Mersa? Did I hear that right?
Just another "Rescue 77". What ever happend to shows like "Emergency"?
Dana Love said:
What would I do in making a series? I'd take more cues from Southland, make use of blended story lines with varied involvement between them, and I'd try to find a writer who didn't treat the audience like a moron. I'd also be trying something more innovative in cinematography -- ER introduced Steadicam shots to broad dramatic series work, this preview and the behind the scenes together look like typical direction and DP work for today.

I agree that Southland has the possibility to be the next big TV series. Unfortunately, treating the audience as something other than morons doesn't always work out too well, as the writers of Kings found out (though, to be honest, the pilot for Kings was crap)

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