NBC has a new drama starting Monday, September 28th at 9/8c. To see a preview go to www.nbc.com/trauma. It looks like it might be a good show. So check it out.

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Seriously? how can yo ask that? I am in EMS...of course i am morbidly going to watch this obvoius trainwrek of an abomination. why? if you have to ask then you really don't understand why we do what we do. I can't look away. if all is right inthe universe...and i have to believe it is....it will run it's course & hit the imovable object with the required amount of force and as Kinematics has taught us...die a violent and gorry deat. but yes...i am gong to watch....if for no other reason than to see how many faux pas per hour they can can fit in!
In Australia we have a new show called Rescue Special Ops, Its over the top to and all cheese. like all shows in the ems drama stable.

yet the shows are attempting to show EMS work to the public, they jazz it up for ratings and high drama.
the upside is the public gets some awarness of what hapens in a shadow world, a private world that is hidden and ignored. good stories , bad stories, technque's approched well or pure fantacy tricks.
these shows are not targeted at ems personel but the public.
saying that, the more exposure, the profession the more amunition for better pay and conditions globaly. get the public to see what ems dose and they will value what you do.
It worked for life savers and life guards on our beaches running shows like, Bondi Rescue and that was pure cheese. The resulting fallout was, The bondi lifegaurds have more respect than ambos due to that show.
go figure

personaly I wont watch these shows just out of curiosity on the odd occasion, but I'm glad some one takes an interest in what we do.
The more public awarness the easer to get those purse string untied.

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