JEMS has been following the national drug shortage, and we have an update. The crisis continues, and it's going to be a hot topic at the upcoming Eagles conference. Some of the EMS administrators pulled together tips to manage the crisis, including working with Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board, or developing other strategies.

Check out the article and tell us whether you're experiencing this problem in your agency.

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I will play the other side; the pharmaceutical companies....

The $ received for R&D is necessary to manufacture medicines to better patron' "quality of life"... We distribute to health facilities to have these medicines available to the consumer. We strive to continue to find cures for various diseases and we hope to abolish all disease or at least allow people to manage their illness with medications we put out. We receive most of our money from consumers and this money is used to enhance our ability to manufacture more and allow our hard working researchers to look for breaking discoveries. We are in business for you...

This is what they want you to believe. This is PR....

Is there really a shortage? Maybe there is. If so,there's nothing to be done but maybe; maybe these drugs are in short supply because of one thing. Too many consumers are not paying. Hospitals, pharmacy, etc are not paying bills. This can be a tactic to put fear into the public and it forces the hand of parties who do not pay. Hospitals are the guiltiest party. Most hospitals are late and underway the vendors they use. It may be because of inflation and salary/operating cost. It could be the bonuses the executives give themselves. Maybe it's the slow reimbursements. Maybe its the "fund raising dinner galas" hospital hosts. Maybe it's a for profit hospital. There are many reasons they are bad mayors of bills.

Shortage is a word they use to awaken the consumer. This will allow the companies to raise prices of commonly used medications to balance the expensive medications the health facility consumers are delinquent on. Just a thought...

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