Looking into helmet use...need input from those who've been there

Our service recently began investigating the possibility of implementing helmets for use by crew members, particularly in the patient compartment.  I'm looking for input from folks whose services have put helmet use into place:

--How did you decide on which helmet to use?

--How did the implementation process go for your service?

--What have you found to be the positives and negatives of helmet use?

--Resistance from the crews?

--What do you wish you had done differently, or wish you had known going in to the process?


Any and all input would be appreciated.  I saw a thread on this from a few years ago, but it seemed to devolve into arguments for/against helmet use after a page or two.  I would like to hear some facts from people who've actually used them.


Thanks much,

Frank Burchby

Gold Cross Ambulance, Inc.

Menasha, Wisconsin


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