Hello everyone! I am an EMS Captain with a fire-based EMS service that runs approximately 17,000 calls/year. We are looking at improving our inventory control process and I am looking for information on how other agencies accomplish this. Currently, we have a single supply closet at our Central Station where the ambulance crews come to restock. When an ambulance crew recognizes the need to resupply, they simply come down to Central and grab what they need from the shelves; we do not have anything in place to track incoming supplies, current inventory, or outgoing supplies.  The way that the EMS Captains know to that supplies need to be ordered is by 1.) being told by an ambulance crew, 2.) referencing a white board in the supply closet (if the crews write it down), or 3.) inventorying the closet every couple of shifts. This seems as if it is far from the most efficient way to perform inventory control. I am very interested in hearing how other services perform these tasks. Let me know what you do or any recommendations you have.

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