Up for debate in the state of Colorado is a bill that would declare Sept. 11 as Patriot Day, making it an optional state holiday that state employees -- including many prehospital providers -- could feasibly take off with pay (as long as they swap it out for another paid holiday.)

The Rocky Mountain News in Denver has run an article labeling House Bill 1045 as a "misguided bill" that is "a costly new perk for government employees." Click here to read the full Rocky Mountain News article on JEMS.com.

Do you think House Bill 1045 is a good way to honor heroes (who lost their lives and/or livelihoods during or after responding to the 9/11 terrorist attacks)?

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9-11 should not be a holiday or just another day for kids to be out of school. To me 9-11-01 will be a day I never forget just like Dec 7 was a day that my grandfather never forgot. The way I honor those who lost their life is each day I get on the truck and I do what I love. I really wish that the TV station would back down on showing all the coverage that they do. I lost a few friends that day and sometimes it does bring back the pain. 9-11 NEVER FORGET
I just love this one..My favorite overall!!!

Brian Johnson said:
I think the best way to honor the heros that died that day is to respond to calls with pride knowing thats what they would want and to everyday remember the fallen.
Oh yes that photo--burned in all of our memories...

It is very strange the feelings that photo evokes..

Let us hope that the feeling never goes away--but enhances our desire to be in this field..

I believe we do this job... knowing our risk--but when you see a photo of the useless act that kills an infant--and the soul of our own--

The memory is within us to preserve by OUR "Selfless Acts of Service"!......This is how at least I-- would like to see those Honored!
I have to agree that I don't think 9/11 should become a holiday. As Medic one so aptly put it, too many people tend to forget what holidays are really all about and just think "Ahhh....another day off" I do believe that we should remember and honor 9/11 every year though and in schools on 9/11 it should always be a great teaching tool. It should be a day never forgotten.....remember we cannot change the past but hopefully we can take the lessons from the past and make sure they don't happen again in the future.
My take on this was expressed in my FFN blog from last Sept. 13 entitled "I didn't do anything special on September 11, and here's why."

My reasoning can be found at http://www.firefighternation.com/profiles/blogs/i-didnt-do-anything...

Chance, do you have any evidence for your suicide rate statement??? Oklahoma City FD had over 200 firefighters respond to the Murrah bombing, plus the EMSA and police responders, plus the FEMA US&R teams. If 50 or 100 responders had committed suicide, or even attempted it, I think the news media would have noticed.

The single well-documented suicide after this incident was Robert O'Donnell, the former firefighter-paramedic from the Baby Jessica well rescue. Mr. O'Donnell did not respond to the OK City bombing.

CISM had been around for quite a while prior to the Murrah bombing, too. After the December 11, 1990 Interstate 75 pileup and fire involving 99 vehicles, Tennessee's State EMS Division sent several of their well-developed and well-practiced CISM teams to assist the responders to that incident.


Chance Gearheart said:
Exactly. I think we too often take up a new event to symbolize what we exemplify in EMS and Fire, without remembering those who gave their all in the face of overwhemling tragedy. Take this picture for example.

Does anyone remember where this was? I'll give you a hint, it's not 911. It's taken minutes after a monster detonated 2.5 tons of ANNM explosives in Oklahoma city. It's not an American flag being raised. It's a firefighter holding a dying infant in his hands, a casualty of one mans disillusion with society.
I think the actual suicide rate of emergency responders after this incident was 25%~. It was the defining incident that brought the push for CISD.
Tracey Baker said:
I just love this one..My favorite overall!!!

Brian Johnson said:
I think the best way to honor the heros that died that day is to respond to calls with pride knowing thats what they would want and to everyday remember the fallen.
I am in agreement with Ms. Baker for the most part, having said that, I would think that a holiday (or commemoration) like we do for Dr. Martin Luther King would be appropriate, to include all the ceremony and flare that has been bestowed upon his memory.

To sit back and forget about those whom many owe their lives, is to bring shame upon their deeds.

Ultimately the best idea would probably be to let the families decide as a collective.
I think we should do what we have done in he past to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives for our safety or freedom. It is also the best recognised way in other countries.

The way I am referring to is by taking the money spent on meetings and wasted time and by donation by the people that feel it necessary that others don't forget or be taught the day in our hearts sorrow and raise a monument such as a wall or statue.

It works and is simple, it can be hi-tech or low. fancy or conservative. That is what the true discussion should be about.

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