So, my current EMT-I class is about to begin clinicals at various local ER's.  To get quickly to my point, I'm interested in hearing about how many of you program managers provide any sort of brief to the students as to just exactly what the purpose of their ER clinical is, what they are expected to learn, and how.  I don't mean the usual brief on professional behavior, and droning "you only get out of it what you put into it." 

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In the paramedic program that I teach in we explain the purpose of each clinical rotation so that the students will know why they are there.  We talk about how they should behave around the patients and how to make a good first impression on the staff.  We explain to them that they are there to do whatever needs to be done as long as long as it isn't something outside our scope of practice or they haven't been approved to do it yet.  The program as a whole has specific goals for procedures and experiences that they need to meet in either the field or clinical setting.  This gives them an idea of what they should specifically look for.  We also have them describe at least three new things that they learn during each rotation.

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