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It's hard to sort out the journalistic errors from the trash.  The journalist says that the FD will no longer respond to calls like "allergic reactions, chest pains and diabetic problems," but the chief said that they will be going to life-threatening calls.  I'm suspecting that we can go with the chief's statement, which makes sense.

There is little point in sending first responders on low acuity calls.  In our system, first responders are not sent on any call that is classified ALPHA, and on some calls that are classified BRAVO.  They go on all CHARLIE, DELTA, and ECHO calls.  First responders make the difference where CPR and defibrillation, in particular, are indicated.

The larger question involves the American model versus the British model (EMS does sick people, fire does things with flames and smoke), and is too large to debate - and there has been no studies comparing patient outcomes between the two models.

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