Dear member,

I've just joined JEMS Connect, after having subscribed to JEMS on Facebook for some time, hence I'm not yet truly familiar with the forum so please excuse my newbie sounding questions.

About myself:

I'm a 20 year young German with bilingual background, planning to finish my baccalaureate this spring.

Currently I'm holding an EMT-B certificate and some other qualifications you'll get to know about on my profile page.

As my higher education plans are a bit uncertain due to the high entrance barriers of MDs, I'm thinking of gaining some hands-on experience and re-assurance in another EMS system first.

I need YOUR advice...

What kind of possibilities/obstacles do you see for a highly-motivated 20 year young man, coming to the US in order to get good quality training in EMS/Paramedicine?

Please let me hear your thoughts on this - imagining it would be you, coming to the US for the first time for non-recreational reasons...

I'm not quite sure whether offering this is allowed on JEMS Connect - but feel free to drop me an email or holding a skype session.

Thank you very much in advance!

Yours sincerely


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Hi Patrick,

I am a paramedic and EMS instructor in North Carolina, USA. I have taught a lot of international students. I think I can give you some information you need. Send me a private message and I will arrange some time to talk to you. 

Candice Ryan Supples

Hi Candice,

Thank you very much for your reply!

I've dropped you a request.


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