Hello all. I'm new to the JEMS forum. I am a Paramedic student
about to graduate from an A.A.S. Emergency Science program. It's time for the job search and assessment days. 
One place I am going for an assessment day has a FISDAP test. My program did not participate with any part of that, but I hear it is extremely difficult. 
Would you all recommend that I buy the study guide on the FISDAP website or have any other study advice? would it be worth the money?
I appreciate your time!!

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Having looked at the website it seems an extremely over engineered entrance exam.

Multi choice tests. If you've just graduated then the knowledge should be fresh. 

Says the study tools are $35 which is in fairness is reasonable if you don't want to go in blind.

Good Luck! 

Could you let the rest of us know how it is if you try it? I don't have much experience in FISDAP (or this forum for that matter), but the little bit I did do with it wasn't bad. My EMT-I clinicals used FISDAP as our Clinical journal, but it would be nice to know if the other parts are good. 

We did both the exams offered by FISDAP in our program that ended December.  Very hard tests, I passed both with a high enough overall score but, failed one or two sections by a point or two in each test.  They will test your general knowledge very well but, the tests in no way compare to the National Registry written exam.  I pass the written in about 80 questions and in no way did I feel I passed when it shut off.


The tests will tell you where you need to study and identify areas of weakness.  if you are looking for a test that compares to the NR written good luck, I never found one.

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