We are looking to overhaul our Field Training Program and, in an effort to not reinvent the wheel, I am looking for some best practice tips for doing so.  Does anyone have some really good ideas for the selection, training, and use of field trainers?

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We've been using an EMS Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) model developed from the law enforcement program of the same name. It's used by many police departments to transition new academy graduates to the field. It's too complicated to explain in a single post here, but it has three fundamental elements:

Standardized Evaluation Guidelines that tell how a rookie is to be evaluated.

Daily Observation Reports where performance is documented.

A "Rookie Book" or "phase guide" that describes what technical skills and competencies should be mastered by what point in time.

Most agencies perform this functions poorly.

If you want, contact me off line. Through the National EMS Management Association, we can deliver a 2-day FTEP Manager/Supervisor course or a 3.5 day Basic FTO school.

But it's real work - and will require a strong commitment from your agency. If all you're concerned about is "getting butts in seats as soon as possible," you can continue to takeyour chances.

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