What’s your favorite time of the day to work (days/evenings/graveyards)?

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Evening, Nights, or Weekends.... Less drama.... You do not have as much supervision; unless your institution has 24 hour supervision... Luckily, when I was on the truck, I didn't need the supervision. I wasn't a person who needed it but I love not having to deal with drama from others... We dealt with our nonsense but is was so much less than the day tours during the weekday... That's NYC Hospital based EMS perks; Tour 3/Tour 1 and weekend Tour 1/2/3!!! Awesome!!!

Evenings definitely, reasoning's to me is I love watching the sunset and have the luxury to be bale to go sit and watch them, the local hospitals especially the level one trauma facility in the early evening is gorgeous in any season. Staff at hospitals are usually just coming on shift and that drifts it way to being nicer to us while our legs start to form roots in the triage line. Most of all the transition from day to night is a spectacle in most areas as the types of people change and the roles in their lives do as well. People as a whole during the day are so focused on rushing around and come evening time they switch their focus to dinner time and some evening relaxation. Sorry definitely not a one word answer lol. 

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