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Thanks for the links.  I've been fascinated with the Franco-german approach to EMS for while and hadn't seen any videos.  I don't know what's being said, but it is interesting just to observe their general approach to prehospital medicine.

Oh man... 41:40 of French video #1... Lets ponder the outcome of such "noxious" stimulation done in the US.  In all reality it probably isn't any worse than ammonia inhalants or sternal rubs, but it certainly looks far worse.  Oh, and 44:30 for the win.



you work for Wake county??

No, Huds.. , KCM1  :)

King County Medic 1, Seattle.

Hi Michael. Some good links. Did you hear that HEMS London are now getting blood for transfusion on the helicopter?

And my service Southwestern (in the UK) are now giving Tranexamic Acid

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