Hey everybody,
I need your help. I'm working on a project that related to clinical- filed internship quality.
I am looking for resources & data of the economic impact on clinical internship. Does your EMS training program pay for the local hospitals or EMS agencies to precept their students. Does your EMS training program has a contract with the local EMS agencies to precept students?

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I don't know any schools that pay hospitals or EMS agencies to allow clinical exposure for students.  If they do - ridiculous.  You need those students for your future workforce - and creating a next generation is a professional obligation.

Virtually ALL hospitals and EMS organizations will require a contract before allowing clinical students on site.  If they don't, they're pretty much crazy.  If nothing else, the contract has to spell out who is liable when bad things happen.

And in general, you get what you pay for.

Medical schools figured this out a long time ago - you can't train interns and residents in rural hospitals, because there isn't sufficient patient volume or acuity to provide a meaningful learning experience.  That's why you have "teaching hospitals."

When will EMS educators figure out that "400 hours" on a truck that runs 3 calls a week will NEVER make a clinically skilled paramedic!  We should have "teaching EMS agencies" in busy communities where everyone goes to train.  Medicare pays teaching hospitals a bit more for their efforts - why not EMS?

Mr. Kirkwood, 

Thank you for reply. I agree with you, those students are our future EMTs and medics. yes, it sounds ridiculous to pay hospitals & EMS agencies for precepting, but if we think about outcomes of both methods "pay vs no pay" the equation might change. I hope to see the results of a study that will compare "pay Vs no pay" for precepting students. I know health care isn’t like other services(business. its true, we should spare no cost to save a life. However, we should think realistically, the life is different today its all about money. the more you pay the more you got luxury services. Do you think paying hospitals or EMS agencies will improve the quality of precepting students? 

Just want to get more opinions from EMS folks. 

I am glad to talk to you again. I think we met last year at EMS today 2012 (Baltimore). if you still remember me, I am that guy who used to work with Junith Peterson in Saudi Arabia. 

As always I learn from your wise experience. Have a great day. 


During my clinical's  in new york I found two things happening, depending on where you went to class one school MCC put you in hospital for your field internships, to where as where i went FLCC, we actually did time in the ambulances, we had to do at least 10 patient contacts, and after that you could ride up til time to test, we averaged 5-8 calls a day of varying things, but the problem i saw was that some preceptors, didn't really know what was going on, weather or not school insurance covered us for things, which it did, buts it was to me if felt like there was a lack of knowledge there, or a gap, i have heard many many different things, i noticed like you stated mr.kirkwood that there is alot of places that have a very very low call volume, but agree, there needs to be training agencies, the agency i volunteered for actually did only paramedic precepting, so i had to go to another agency that bordered my agency, to do emt ride time, but there is alot of confusion in my opinion on whats going on, after the field time we were given surveys and asked  what our thoughts were, but 90% of the class mates were to afraid to say much , originally we started with 23 in my class and only 5 of us made it thru the course.

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