I am 46 years old and just starting to get into EMT. Unusual? I am the oldest EMT in our department. I feel like I am everyone's grandma...or older sister! haha! Anyone else here start in this business at 40 or older?

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Hi Julie! My name is LeAnn Kimberlin, and I was exactly your age when I started my basic EMT class. I was a single mom of 3 and didn't get to do what I wanted till my children were grown. I am now 53 years young and I still love every minute of it. I wouldn't change my choice of profession for the world. Once your co-workers see that you can pull your own weight, they love and accept you as one of them. I work for two agencies and truely enjoy the people I work with. Good luck, youre only as old as you feel. lol
Yes, just turned 43 and have been in EMS (EMTB) for 3+ yrs. I'm with a VFD and the busy shifts make the next day tough but on those calls were we make a difference it is all worth it.
started at 30 in a small town in nowhere because we would loose the service (1981). Medic since 1987. Mostly partime (volunteer).
I just turned 47. Been doing the job since age 20. I'm still on the street working a 24/48 schedule at a busy station as a frontline supervisor and paramedic. The older folks are the "counter-balance" for a young, inexperienced, and often transient workforce. Over the years, I've learned so much about people, patient care, and the mechanics of doing the job that no book or weekend class could ever teach me. I feel my life experience has been a blessing. EMS is not a fun summer job (like being a bartender at the beach) while you're working your way through college. There are a number of us out there trying to change that perception. Welcome!
I started in EMS back in 1974 and still in it. I used to be an instructor in NYS and it was funny looking at the younger students and making the comment "I have been in EMS longer then you have been alive." Now in NC as an AEMT-I still going strong. Most times when people ask me my age I say I'm 39. Hey it worked for Jack Benny.
I will be turning 48 in less than a month and have been a volunteer EMT-B where I live for the past five years. In my EMT class there were three people older than me! I am the old man on our crew, however. I'm looking forward for EMT-I's to be introduced here in our council in PA so I can persue that certification. It feels good to be able to make a difference in the rural area where I live, where we depend on volunteers to provide EMS and Fire service.
53 and in EMS 35 years.

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