Hello my FD is looking for communities and grade school districts around the country who have implemented CPR classes into their selection of classes that are either options or mandatory classes to take in order to graduate. I know this approach exists but not sure who has implemented it so far and what their outcomes/success/road blocks have been. For now we are focusing on maybe first aid classes for junior high students and CPR classes for high school students. Any information or guidance would be much appreciated! Also at this time I am reaching out to AHA as well. Please post or email me at durangomedic@gmail.com...

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The state of Georgia has made CPR a graduation requirement for all high school students. Therefore, most schools have at least one Health teacher who is a trained instructor. I'm thrilled Georgia decided to implement this requirement!

Hi Matt....you are doing an excellent job. CPR should be made compulsory requirement in schools...it can help saving precious lives 

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