Andrew Turcotte, the new fire chief of the Millinocket (Maine) Fire Department, has a lot of plans for his department -- and some are very ambitious. He wants to start a community paramedic program and establish a paramedic intercept program.

Click here to read about these plans in detail.

Does your agency have a paramedic intercept program or a community paramedic program?

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A neighboring agency (that I operate under as a paramedic for my primary department) provides paramedic intercepts to other neighboring agencies operating at IV-Tech or Basic levels.  The agency uses suburbans with all the ALS equipment they would need (mainly a medication bag, an airway management bag, and a Philips ALS monitor) to intercept with ambulances in our county and two other nearby counties.  The suburbans are staffed with two paramedics, and when they intercept with the requesting ambulance, a member of the ambulance follows behind with their suburban while the two paramedics transport in the ambulance.

My agency has a unique partnership with the paramedic intercept agency.  We operate at the IV-Tech level, but those of us that are paramedics are credentialed with the paramedic agency.  If we request an intercept, our paramedics can then begin ALS care under the umbrella of the paramedic agency; the paramedic agency has provided us with the same ALS drugs and equipment that they carry on their interceptors so we don't have to wait for their suburban to arrive, thereby reducing the delay in starting ALS care.

As part of the agreement, we must attend the paramedic agency's monthly paramedic trainings and meet the same mandatory minimums as their paramedics.

You're scratching the surface of what can be achieved. I wish you well and would love to help you but I'm on this side on the pond.

What I can do is offer support and advice from the UK on our programmes.



Emergency Care Practitioner/ Paramedic. Cornwall. UK

Take a look at the programs in place in Delaware.  Kent County, Sussex, and New Castle county are the big three.  Kent County is the home of the first of the three  state wide intercept programs. All pre-hospital ALS services are via QRV intercept trucks. There are no EMS paramedics working out of ambulaces in Delaware.  


DE state ALS  Protocols are available on line at the state web site. 


let me know if you have any questions

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