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Not sure I'd agree with many of the points made. It seems to be the world of EMS we want to get rid off.

Unemployed people are choosing to become an EMT because the entry requirements and courses are easy to obtain.

The salary of $40k is in keeping with other sectors who require its staff to hold an associates degree 

People need to be in EMS as a calling or should we start to adapt induction  courses for these "looking for any job"  people. 
In this climate any personality or Previous skilled people could end up in EMS. 

The news today had a company recruitment fair 549 applicants for 7 posts.

In this thread we discuss another news paper article about EMS that doesn't paint a complete picture of the industry in terms of education, training, reimbursement, scope of practice, work hours, or the demands of the job while painting a rather rosy picture about the employment prospects. The gem from the NAEMT board member is hilarious at best as volunteer opportunities varies greatly both in availability and quality. For every Pasadena EMS Reserve program (which I actually wish I heard about earlier) where volunteer EMTs supplement career paramedic firefighters to form 3 man ambulances, how many other places are volunteering more a political exercise to run 1 call a week? Also, EMTs fresh out of class teaching? Yea... about that...

Another thing. A good job is any job you can get. A great job is one you enjoy. An excellent job is one that you enjoy that also pays the bills. Job profiles like this won't tell you if you would enjoy it or not.

Of course, if you don't enjoy it, you shouldn't be in it.  People should not work in jobs that they don't like - ever.

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