Hello all! I am new here but I have been reading threw the internet trying to find some help with something. I have been working on a program that I have been using over the last year to track my patient contacts as well as terms and stats on my training complete with reports to see when I would be cleared to take my test (as my school was constantly losing my stuff). So the more I worked with it and the more I learned about my needs as a paramedic student I decided that I should clean up the code and make a public version for my classmates. Well sadly they are not computer savvy and did not take the time to actually use it and so that idea failed.  

But I have continued to work with it and play with different ideas and I think it is something that could really help a LOT of other young students from EMT -> Paramedic (as ECAs do not have rideouts). I am attaching the public version and I would like to see what you all think. If its something that you would like to use yourself then by all means let me know and ill get you setup! I am working on a version 2 that has a new look and some new features but as I am still a student myself I don't have a lot of time to work on it. If some of you are coders and would like to talk about completing some additions/modifications to the project I would love to bring in some new people to the project as well (also really need help with bitbucket setup and running) I have also started work on a mobile app for the PCR side of the application to be used in the field as students to rideouts so iOS and android programmers are also needed. This is not a program I am charging for right now. If i have to charge in the future I will make a new area for schools to get custom features but I want to keep it free for the wonderful future medics like myself so they can have a little less worry and get those nice new patches!  

Public Version: http://school.jtfeatures.com

Beta Version Request: https://goo.gl/forms/VqpL4leu3lQptVfJ2

P.S. As a side note I do know that there are companies doing something similar but there is NO free version available for those of us who are not in the big programs.  So this is intended for those who are tight for cash or just need it quick.

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I love the idea and effort you put through jesse but in two minds about the data collected, will it be secured and not used for other purposes in future...

Yes sir I fully agree. Right now it's more of an idea and when students should NEVER put information that would violate HIPPA I do see how securing it all would be very important. It's only an extra $10 or so a month and I'm ready to do it but I wanted to see that the interest was there. You know?

Alright Jesse hope it will work out best for all of us ;)

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