I am evaluating the Back Raft and have a question about using it with a head immobilizer. We use the Multi-Grip Head Immobilizer pictured in the attachementWe place a folded towel over the headpiece of the Back Raft to maintain neutral c-spine. After doing this and sliding the immobilizer between it and the patients head and inflating we have very little support for the head
left on the round immobilizer blocks. Any thoughts on this immobilizer or an alternative for use with the Back Raft.

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I had a chance to use the BackRaft a lot last summer on a seasonal job.  The service there used the old-fashioned reusable Ferno headblocks in the durable vinyl.  Didn't experience any problems with that combination.  Seems that the good ol'-fashioned towel rolls will do well also.  In all honesty, towel rolls are my immobilization method of choice, I have yet to see a commercial device that does as well.

Ben and I worked at the same place last summer and neither of us had issues with the combination he mentioned. I loved the backraft and I'm sure the patients benefited since transport times were 2.5 Hrs minimum!  I did have a problem when using the backraft with a KED but that was a tendancy of the torso to move a little too much but that was easily fixed by letting some of the air out of the backraft.


My first reaction to this is that patient comfort and avoiding pressure points are the most important aspects in this scenario.  There is not really any science (that I've seen) saying that the backboards and C collars really do anything beneficial. Hopefully they go away soon. There is science that says tying someone to a hard board for any length of time (much less an extended length of time) is bad.  With all that soap box stuff off my chest Im not sure I completly understand the problem you are having.  Could you try again? 

Is their head sticking up out from between the blocks? 

Try putting your folded towel on top of the backraft head portion and see if that provides the stability you are looking for. 

Also, try not inflating the raft so much and see if you get better results with that. 

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