Tips for Teaching Advanced Airway Management
Proper placement is just the first step

When it comes to advanced airways, EMS education has been focusing on how we teach our students the skills needed to obtain and maintain proficiency in advanced airway placement. But even as research and debate about the best methods to obtain an advanced airway in the prehospital environment continue, there’s no disagreement that the advanced airway must be maintained and monitored once obtained.  READ MORE

What would you add to the education about airway management?

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If endotracheal intubation is included in the scope of practice for the given advanced provider, they MUST successfully perform basic and advanced airway management including intubation on at least 50 patients in the OR setting under the mentorship of an anesthesiologist or CRNA, before they are ever permitted to perform the skill in the field. Then we must implement mandatory continuing airway management practical experience in the OR based on individual's performance in the field, minimum of 12 successful intubations per year per medic total, no exceptions

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